261+ Pirate Ship Names [ Cool, Unique, Catchy & Good ]

Are you searching for some collections about the topic of pirate ship names? Then you have entered the right place. Because here we are going to present some collections about the topic of pirate shop name ideas.

A pirate is a person who attacks and robs people especially ships at sea. These pirates reach their targeted ships at sea using a ship and hence those ships are known as pirate ships. Pirate and pirate ships used to be quite famous in earlier days when the sea was considered the only means of communication between faraway places.

They used to fix a target, attacked them, robbed every penny of them, and leave. In the initial days of the evolution of pirate ships, any group used to get famous after their leader’s name. Later on, different names were assigned to pirate ships and they got to be known after that.

There have been no more pirates and pirate ships in real life but they are still quite famous in books, novels, and on the silver screen. Authors and scriptwriters even assign fanciful names to those pirate ships and they sound almost real.

If you are an aspiring writer, writing an adventurous story with some pirates then you must assign a catchy name to the pirate ship. Finding a good name is a tough job. To help you out with this task, here is a list of different varieties of names for pirate ships from which you can choose one.

Please follow the below tips, while you are going to choose a name for your pirate ship. Let’s check it out.

  • Use Scary Words.
  • Choose A Common Name.
  • Use Powerful Words.
  • Short & Simple.
  • Do Not Use Any Bad & Offensive Words.
  • Make Sure You Are Happy With The Name.

Pirate Ship Names

Please check out the below collections of pirate ship names.

  • Boundless Desolation
  • The Pirates Curse
  • The Rising Tortuga
  • The Impolite Strumpet
  • Buccaneers Killer
  • The Pirates Anger
  • The Fearful Grail of Treasure
  • The Hellish Caribbean
  • Buccaneers Slave
  • The Grail
  • Happy Dog
  • The Shadows of the Princess
  • Captain’s Horrid Treasure
  • Monkee Butt
  • The Grief of the Sun
  • The Damned James
  • Captains Fear
  • The Loyal Slave
  • The Filthy Pillager
  • The Crimson Rift
  • The Devils Plunderer
  • The Blind Eel
  • Captains Killer
  • The Buccaneers Plague
  • The Poison Rovers
  • Wicked Folly
  • Cursed Oath

Badass Pirate Ship Names

We hope you will like the below collections of pirate team names.

  • Riptide
  • The Poseidon’s killer
  • Rogue Wave
  • The Rising Killer
  • Satan’s Mermaid
  • Scourge of the Seven Seas
  • The Good Revenge
  • Sea Nymph
  • The Dirty Doubloon
  • Sea Serpent’s Despair
  • The Buccaneers Atlantis
  • Sea’s Hellish Plague
  • The Pirate
  • Slashed Gullet
  • The Dragons Eel
  • Splintered Memory
  • The Fearful Howl
  • The Black Heart Wench
  • The Red North
  • The Blue Nixie
  • The Hades Rambler
  • The Broken Ankle
  • The Barbaric Ghost
  • The Devil’s Own
  • The Dragon
  • The Doomed Dawn
  • Devils Cursed Storm

Best Pirate Ship Names

In the paragraph, you can easily find out some collections about the matter of pirate ship names.

  • The Vicious Gold
  • The Hopeless
  • Lost Treasure
  • The Kraken
  • The Uncultured Deceit
  • The Last Argument
  • The Maiden’s Blood
  • The Mermaid’s Pearl
  • The Malevolent Creation
  • The Pillaging Horror
  • The Morbid Angel
  • The Delivery
  • The Stare
  • Mystic Sea
  • The Retribution
  • The Snap Serpent
  • The Sea Hag
  • The Scurvy Hangman
  • The Sea King’s Folly
  • The Discourteous Galley
  • The Smile-less Eye
  • The Deceitful Insanity
  • The Staunch Harlot
  • The Silent Demon
  • The Strangling Tentacle
  • Assassin’s Glare
  • Drunken Squid

Amazing Pirate Ship Names

Let’s check out the below collections of amazing pirate ship names.

  • Rusty Bell
  • The Nights Seven Seas
  • The Sea Secret
  • The Damned Terror
  • The Buccaneers Manta
  • The Hellish Pillager
  • The Sadness of the Dragon
  • The Executioners
  • The Grief of the Killers
  • The Excutioners
  • Happy Sailor
  • The Disgraced Damned
  • The Pillaging Piague
  • The Pride of tht Return
  • The Rude Sevpent
  • Pure Pirate
  • The Evil Galley
  • The Coward
  • The Uncultured Lightning
  • Slobberknocker
  • The Murders Ranger
  • The Killers Slave
  • The Neptune’s Rose
  • The Discourteous Delight
  • The Broken Death
  • The Piratian
  • Best Pirate

Famous Pirate Ships

Here we have gathered some of a few collections about the topic of pirate ship names.

  • The Cruel Hangman
  • Sick Walrus
  • The Wicked Wench
  • The Poisoned Eel
  • The Woe Of Tyrants
  • The Pride of the Cutlass
  • Devils’ Doom
  • The Bloody Corsair
  • Monkee Butt
  • The Vicious Hades
  • The Bloody Shame
  • The Pride of the Howl
  • The Evil Strumpet
  • The Rude Raider
  • The Howling Lusty Wench
  • The Evil Rambler
  • The Salty Bastard
  • Night Blood
  • Blue Vein Throbber
  • The Horrid Doubloon
  • Bone Doctor
  • The Pride of the Seas
  • Devil’s Whore
  • The Cry Hangman
  • Drippin’ Wet
  • The Evil Cry
  • The Fearful Minnow

Cool Pirate Ship Names

The below suggestions are related to the pirate ship names.

  • The Curse of the Saber
  • Devils Damned Jewel
  • The Disgraceful Insanity
  • The Cry of the Sun
  • Devils Treasure
  • The Elusive Doom
  • Dead Reckonong
  • Dragons Black Plunder
  • The Dragons Cutlass
  • Drowned Whale
  • Ghostly Sea Dog
  • The Revenge Rose
  • God’s Swear Word
  • Serpent’s Cry
  • Hades Executioner
  • The Poseidon’s Insanity
  • Hades Raider
  • The Cry of the Minnow
  • Hades Saber
  • The Rift
  • Hangman’s Daughter
  • The Howling Princess
  • Harlot
  • Hell and High Water
  • The Gold
  • The Burning Abandoned
  • The Hail Mary

Good Pirate Ship Names

Must check out the below collections of good pirate ship names.

  • The Rude Night
  • Cursed Sea Dog
  • The Mangy Fortune
  • The Sanguine Trained
  • The Horrid Secret
  • Devil’s Shameful Saber
  • Davy Jones Death
  • The Golden Anger
  • The Discourteous Terror
  • Davy Jones Executioner
  • The Shameful Damnation
  • The Mad Delight
  • White Sea
  • Davy Jones Gold Dagger
  • Ulgy Fryer
  • The Fall of Doom
  • The Mad Devil
  • Thunder Waves
  • Defeated Sanity
  • The Devils Atlantis
  • The Foul Serpent of Return
  • Devil’s Cursed Stotm
  • The Mayflower Raider
  • Devil’s Maw
  • The Burning Knave
  • The Caribian
  • King Of The Sea

Catchy Pirate Ship Names

Looking for a catchy name for your pirate ship? Then check out the below collections.

  • Huntmaster
  • The Grand Deceit
  • Iron Teeth
  • World Tour
  • The Death of Deceit
  • Killers Disgrace
  • The Evil Scream
  • Killers Secret
  • The Elusive Demon
  • Kiss of Death
  • The Mangy Corruption
  • Misery
  • The Uncultured Buccaneers
  • Murderer’s Knave
  • The Damned
  • Neptune’s Plague
  • The Flying Wolf
  • Night’s Dirty Lightening
  • The Killers Executioner
  • Ocean Overlord
  • Hangman’s Hollow
  • Privateer’s Death
  • The Bloody Hades
  • Privateer’s Scream
  • The Flying Seas
  • Privateer’s Shameful Gold
  • The Servant

Pirate Boat Names

Here we have made a list of the topic of pirate boat names.

  • The Grand Storm
  • Captain’s Nightmare
  • The Sanguine Scream
  • The Captain’s Ranger
  • The Homicidal Pillager
  • The Pirates of Dark Water
  • Black Charlatan
  • The Bloody Seas
  • The Loyal Swashbucklers
  • Royal Mayflower
  • The Shadows of the Tortuga
  • The Grand Eel
  • The Golden Pirate
  • Bleak Horizon
  • The Bloody Slaves of the Seven Seas
  • The Damned King
  • The Hades Rift
  • The Dirty Insanity
  • Empress
  • The Mayflower Damned
  • The Cursed Cruelty
  • Bloody Vengeance
  • The Barbaric Gold
  • The Pearl
  • The Cacophonous Delivery
  • The Hell-born Sea
  • The Tavern Wench

Pirate Ship Name Generator

Yje below names are generated by the name-generated tool

  • The Disgrance of the Secret
  • Full of Sea- Men
  • The Last Galley
  • Neptune’s Whore
  • Brave Titan
  • Reel Booty
  • Poseidon’s Revenge
  • Salty Test Trackles
  • The Nights Eel
  • Sea Clit
  • The Broken Treasure
  • Shameless Hooker
  • The Cacophonous Servants
  • Slobber knocker
  • The Happy Sea Rovers
  • Surrender the Booty
  • The Foul Serpent of Knave
  • The Morning Wood
  • The Fearful Buccaneers
  • The Sea’s Whore
  • The Little Grail
  • The Privateers King
  • The Cry of the Fall
  • The Sudden Corsair
  • The Oceans Excutioner
  • The Howling Eel
  • The Anger of the Privateer

Pirate Ship Names

Tips On How To Name A Pirate Ship

Naming any entity is not an easy job. It requires intelligence, creativity, and dedication. The same applies to the case of naming a completely fictional character like a pirate ship.

Along with the long list of different pirate ship names, a few suggestive points have also been attached to guide you in choosing the perfect pirate ship name.

Go For A Simple Name

When you are writing a story, you will want people to read it and accept the characters of your story wholeheartedly. Go for a simple name so that people can remember it easily.

Give An Expressive Name

The name of your pirate ship will turn more interesting if it is expressive. The reader will get a clear idea about the type of pirate ship you are describing your pirate ship.

Search For Relatable Words

A name makes more sense when it is a word directly relatable to the purpose of the entity. As it is a pirate ship, you may search for names that are relatable to words like “death”, ” victory “, ” revenge” or more like this

Try To Give A Catchy Name

It is always better to go after a catchy name for your newly created fictional pirate ship so that it can attract readers more easily and can have a lasting impact.

Never Go After An Elongated Name

Give a name that people will find easy to remember so avoid using any too long or elongated names. It will create more confusion among the crowd about the name.

Add Some Fun To the Name

To make the name more interesting, a twist will be very helpful. Try to incorporate some fun and tanginess into the name by using puns and alliterations.

Choose A Daring Name

As pirates used to earn by frightening people, the name of the pirate ship of your composed story must be daring.

Try Not to Copy From Other Names

Pirates and pirate ships had been interesting elements in stories and movies for a long time, so there are numerous names. Don’t copy names from any other famous story or the name of any real pirate ship.

Take Suggestions From Others

Please take suggestions from your friends, social media friends, family members, and colleagues also. We hope, they will try to help you with their best.

Search For A Real Like Name

People generally like a story more when the element of the stories are relatable to their life and feels real to them. Try to go after a real-like name.

Gather Feedback

After assigning a name to your pirate ship, it is important to know how others are perceiving it. Gather feedback from surroundings.

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