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K-Pop Group Names:- Are you a Korean and you want to create a band with those people who have an interest in the band, then you need to choose a name for your will be creating K-pop group. So if you want to name your K-pop group name good, then you can check out our below collections K-pop Group Names Ideas.

We all know that K-pop means Korean pop is a very popular band all over the world so if you are a Korean and you have some knowledge about music and band, then you can go for creating a band with your Korean friends and then perform on stage and earn respect & popularity.

But we all know that creating a K-pop group is a very easy job but choosing a name for a K-pop group is a very difficult job. So if you have faced an issue with choosing or finalize a good name for your K-pop group, then you can check out our below collections of K-pop Group Names.

The below collections will help you to name K-pop groups and for your kind information, we have collected the below information from different and various sources.

So let’s jump into the collections of K-pop Group Names. We hope you will like it.

K-Pop Groups Names

Here you can find a huge collection of K-Pop group names.

  • VIXX
  • Dreamcatcher
  • BtoB
  • Shock Waves
  • NCT Dream
  • Once More
  • Fusion Girls
  • Achievers
  • CIX
  • Haeng-Syo: peace out
  • OTE
  • Winner
  • Reaction Mode

Kpop Bands Names

These are some bands’ names that you can use with your k-pop group.

  • Late Notice
  • Sequin Squad
  • Timeline
  • Girls Evolution
  • Supersonic
  • Shimmer
  • Rage Mania
  • Cherish
  • iKon
  • Shades of Pink
  • 6-Con
  • Sugarr
  • X-Change
  • The Plug
  • No Limits
  • Soul2Soul
  • Retrograde

Popular Kpop Groups

Here we collect some popular Kpop group names.

  • ITZY
  • AMGirls
  • Yin Yang
  • NeomuMeosjin
  • Imagination
  • EXO
  • KWL: Korean Wave League
  • EXID
  • DAY6
  • Equilibrium
  • OTTD
  • Apink
  • Girls’ Generation
  • Ponytails
  • E’LAST
  • Bubblicious

List Of K-pop Group

We make a list of popular K-Pop group names ideas.

  • Super Junior
  • 1TEAM
  • GOT7
  • 3AM
  • PatiSonyeo
  • Seventeen
  • KCC: Korean Culture Crew
  • Gravity
  • GFriend
  • MXM
  • SHINee
  • Knock Knock
  • Soul2Seoul
  • The Legacy
  • Superstitious

Most Popular Kpop Group Names

These are some collections of the most popular Kpop group names.

  • Most Wanted
  • Wild Cats
  • SF9
  • 2G2A
  • Golden Child
  • Queen Bees
  • XoXo
  • Mamamoo
  • Blackpink
  • Astro
  • BTL
  • Teen Top
  • A.C.E
  • Charmers
  • Mad Mistresses

Big Kpop Groups

You can use the below collections of Big Kpop group names for your big Kpop group.

  • Aurora
  • Powerpuff
  • Pastel Milieu: pastel environment
  • Girls Next Door
  • Neon Hearts
  • Sister Status
  • Ladybug
  • 1-UP
  • Style Collage
  • B3ST: best
  • Pink Berets
  • TBB: Throwback Boys
  • Krush
  • Seems Legit
  • Daebak Girls: Awesome!
  • A-Gamers
  • Secret Number

Most Famous Kpop Groups Names

Here you can find a huge collection of the most famous k-pop group.

  • F1H2OH
  • Eum-ag Divas
  • TNT
  • Destiny
  • Dream High
  • Cowgirls
  • Double Happiness
  • Diversity
  • 5OAK
  • Bang On
  • Go-Stop!
  • Jeonseol
  • Insanity
  • Lucky 13
  • Infinity
  • Millennials
  • 2H2H

Top Kpop Group

You can check out the below collections of top pop group names ideas.

  • Standard Variance
  • Code Name Z
  • K-pop Breathers
  • E’Last
  • Weki Meki
  • The Boyz
  • Wanna One
  • Momoland
  • Powered Up
  • Cosmic Blue

All Kpop Groups Names

We make a list of K-pop groups that can help you to name your k-pop group.

  • 7Virtues
  • Friendship Squad
  • Youth Fountain
  • Synergy
  • Aegyo Society: cuteness
  • RO53Y
  • Dance Theory
  • Kiki
  • K. Thx.
  • Vogue Approach
  • In The Zone
  • Catwalk Style
  • Never Random
  • Vixenne
  • Crop Top Collective
  • Metamorphosis

Biggest K-pop Group Names

You can use these K-pop group names for your biggest K-pop group.

  • 24/7
  • EXO
  • Aces
  • High Society
  • CLC
  • Escaping Velocity
  • ITZY
  • Illegal
  • TXT
  • BtoB
  • Astro
  • NCT 127
  • M4M
  • KIPS
  • Nth Level
  • Pop Jigglers

K-Pop Group Names

How To Name Your K-pop Group

If you don’t have any ideas to finalize a good name for your K-pop group, then you can stay with us and follow the below instructions.

So let’s start.

Short & Simple Name

You can use a short and simple name for your K-pop group because this type of name is a very useful thing for a K-pop group.

Meaningful Name

You need to choose a meaningful name for your K-pop group because people can easily understand the K-pop group.

It Should Be Catchy & Memorable

Always try to choose a catchy and memorable type of name for your K-pop group, because a catchy name can help people to catch the name easily and a memorable name can help people to easily remember the name easily.

Use Related Words

You need to use some words which is related to Korean and also a band. Because it can easily represent your K-pop group easily.

Use English Words

You already know that your group is a k-pop group. But if you want to make popular your k-pop group, then you need to choose a name that has an English word.

Brainstorm With Your Concept

If you have a concept on it, then you need to brainstorm on it. We hope, after brainstorming, you can easily finalize a good name for your K-pop group.

Searchable Name

You can choose a searchable name for your K-pop group because a searchable name can help you to make popular your K-pop group easily.

Take Inspirations From Books & Movies Of Korean

You can take inspiration from some Korean books and Korean movies to finalize a good name for your k-pop group.

Never Use A Name Which Has Been Copyrighted

Never choose a name for your K-pop group which has been copyrighted. Because a copyrighted name never helps you to grow your K-pop group. So never do this.

Take Suggestions From Friends & Family Members

You can take suggestions from your friends and family members also. Because we hope, they can help you in your difficult time to finalize a good name for your newly created K-pop group.

Social Media Checking

Before finalizing a good name for your K-pop group, you need to check the social media availability, because, in this era, every K-pop group must have a social media account.

Create A Logo

You need to create a logo for your K-pop group because the logo is the second identity of your K-pop group.

Make A Tagline

You can make a tagline for your K-pop group because a tagline can represent your K-pop group in one line.

Get Feedback

You need to take feedback before finalizing a good name for your K-pop group.

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