500+ Mercenary Group Names [2021] Cool, Fantasy, Good & Funny

Mercenary Group Names:- Are you looking for some unique collections about the matter of Mercenary Group Names? Then this is the right place for you because here we are going to provide some good and awesome collections about the topic of Mercenary Group Names Ideas.

We all know that a mercenary is one type of soldier who is involved in the military group. So if you want to create a mercenary group with your friends, then you can easily create a mercenary group with your friends, who want to join your mercenary group.

Choosing a name for a mercenary group does not an easy job, so if you want to choose a good name for your mercenary group, then you need to check out our below collections of Mercenary Group Names. So don’t be late, please go for checking out our collections.

The below collections are provided by us and we have rearranged it for you to easily read. We hope those collections will help you to name your mercenary group.

So let’s dive into our collections of Mercenary Group Names. We hope you will like it.

Mercenary Names

These are some collections of mercenary names. Let’s check it out.

  • Saber Band
  • Red Serpents
  • Cobalt Honey Badger Gang
  • Yellow Knuckle Riders
  • Thunder Dwarf Crew
  • Significant Force
  • Cardinal Alien Crew
  • The Adamant
  • Code Black
  • Pure Hostility
  • Fire Phantom Company
  • Gold Water Clan
  • Bronze Gorilla Syndicate
  • The Coup Attempts
  • Green Alligator Soldiers
  • Mission Matrix
  • Black Crow Syndicate
  • Violet Cobra Association
  • Artillery Command
  • Ice Serpent Clan
  • Ruby Bat Clan
  • Grey Jackals
  • Iron-Willed Inc
  • Green Alien Association

Cool Mercenary Group Names

Here we collect some unique and cool collections about the topic of mercenary group names.

  • Brown Forsaken Crew
  • Razor Company
  • Gold Horn Gang
  • Winter Raiders
  • Onyx Eagle Riders
  • Onyx Bulldog Posse
  • Denim Chainsaw Soldiers
  • Azure Ghost Gang
  • Elite Commandos
  • Motives for Justice
  • Electric Troll Crew
  • Emerald Tiger Tribe
  • Electric Lily Brotherhood
  • Insurgents
  • Pistol Association
  • Brothers Of The Gull
  • Crow Tribe
  • Blacklisted
  • Crystal Leopard Gang
  • Yellow Fang Tribe
  • Ready To Infiltrate
  • Green Eagle Riders
  • Violent Society
  • Thunder Sabortooth Tribe

Mercenary Guild Names

These are some collections of mercenary guild names ideas.

  • Fortune Force
  • Electric Lily Brotherhood
  • White Rider Company
  • Demon Owl Posse
  • Lethal Weapons
  • The Slayers
  • Daredevil Heroes
  • Yellow Fang Tribe
  • Shady Characters
  • Ice Skeleton Tribe
  • Sapphire Banner Company
  • Jailbreakers
  • Soldiers for Hire
  • Corps Security B
  • Ivory Cobra Brotherhood
  • Ivory Gorilla Sisterhood
  • White Shark Association
  • Hitmen
  • Black Bear Clan
  • Daring To Rescue
  • Sapphire Needle Clan
  • Ruby Pistol Riders
  • White Rider Company
  • Azure Devil Soldiers

Fantasy Mercenary Company Names

Here you can get a huge collection about the topic of fantasy mercenary company names.

  • Emerald Gorilla Gang
  • Elite Empire
  • Violent Events
  • Honey Badger Sisterhood
  • Fortune Force
  • Sons Of Eternal Flame
  • Crimson Moth Syndicate
  • Elite Commandos
  • Malicious Matrix
  • Reputation for Excess
  • Ebony Dragon Crew
  • Unyielding Swords
  • Flame Phantom Brotherhood
  • Ready To Infiltrate
  • Ice Death Riders
  • Injurious Inc
  • Thunder Blooddrop Soldiers
  • Cataclysmic
  • Vulture Band
  • Diamond Fang Soldiers
  • Indomitable Quests
  • High Velocity
  • Ebony Skull Sisterhood
  • Brown Ravenclaw Tribe

Good Mercenary Group Names

These are some good names that can you use for your mercenary group.

  • Die Eisenfalke
  • White Gorilla Soldiers
  • Ruby Wolf Association
  • Timberwolves
  • Malicious Matrix
  • Capitalistic Initiatives
  • Bronze Warthog Posse
  • Fire Blood Company
  • Crimson Talon
  • Vulture Posse
  • Steel Company
  • The Broken Fang
  • Night Walkers
  • Ruby Sword Sisterhood
  • Denim Chainsaw Soldiers
  • Black Sword Sisterhood
  • Dire Costs
  • Loath To Leave
  • The Vowkeepers
  • Red Vulture Clan
  • Raven Claw
  • Red Badger Sisterhood
  • Raven Clan
  • Bronze Chainsaw Soldiers

Mercenary Company Names

In this paragraph, you can find a huge collection of mercenary company names ideas.

  • United Unyielding
  • Ulterior Motives
  • Deleterious
  • White Pygmy Crew
  • Flame Badger Company
  • Fire Snake Association
  • Extortionate Power
  • Rebel Trust
  • Relentless Rebels
  • Grizzly Bat Sisterhood
  • Ivory Coyote Soldiers
  • Ruby Wolf Association
  • Tear Tribe
  • Superior Giants
  • Inimical Interests
  • Indomitable Quests
  • Royal Mammoth Tribe
  • Yellow Chainsaw Soldiers
  • Green Fang Clan
  • Denim Reaper Clan
  • Deleterious
  • Iron-Willed Inc.
  • Honey Badger Band
  • Unfavorable

Cool Mercenary Names

These are some collections of cool mercenary names.

  • Horn Tribe
  • Soldiers for Hire
  • Ice Razor Crew
  • Black Needle Soldiers
  • Jade Razor Riders
  • Bribe Brigade
  • Undead Squad
  • Undead Posse
  • Death Sisterhood
  • Black Cats
  • Azure Spider Crew
  • Terrorizers
  • Ebony Forsaken Crew
  • Azure Dragon Association
  • Ulterior Motives
  • Jade Lily Syndicate
  • White Dwarf Syndicate
  • Violent Hounds
  • Ivory Raven Riders
  • Titan Corporation
  • Yellow Ghost Squad
  • Electric Shark Posse
  • Maximum Conviction
  • The Ten Thousand

Mercenary Names Ideas

Here we are going to provide some collections of mercenary names ideas.

  • Sapphire Banner Soldiers
  • Fire Lion Gang
  • Staunch Society
  • Calamity Collective
  • Thorn Crew
  • Gold Alligator Company
  • Ruby Blossom Soldiers
  • Badger Riders
  • Covetous Crew
  • Staunch Society
  • Rapacious Rebels
  • Inimical Interests
  • Chapter of Creatures
  • Antipathetic Aversions
  • Cardinal Banner Posse
  • Motives for Justice
  • Knights of Justice
  • Ring of Gold
  • Saber Tribe
  • AirScan
  • Greed Guild
  • Pure Hostility
  • Unsung Eyes
  • Scarlet Tear Posse

Mercenary Group Names

These are some group names, you can use these group names for your mercenary group.

  • Cobalt Sword Soldiers
  • White Sharktooth Tribe
  • Vinnell Corporation
  • Malicious Matrix
  • Raytheon
  • Contract To Slay
  • Yellow Lion Tribe
  • Wagner Group
  • Emerald Devil Company
  • Electric Shark Posse
  • Crimson Badger Soldiers
  • Copper Tear Squad
  • Slavonic Corps
  • Red Blossom Brotherhood
  • Orange Knuckle Tribe
  • Rapacious Rebels
  • Ruby Dragon Posse
  • Ruby Pistol Riders
  • Death Riders
  • Butterfly Sisterhood
  • Emerald Ravenclaw Riders
  • Power Seize
  • Ruby Pistol Riders
  • Speed Demons

Mercenary Guild Names List

Here we make a list of mercenary guild names ideas, so you can check it out.

  • Dawnstar
  • Contract To Kill
  • Undying Defenders
  • Black Hawks
  • Steel Company
  • Always on Defense
  • Ice Gorilla Brotherhood
  • The Varangian Guard
  • Black Company
  • No Restraint
  • Fire Water Tribe
  • Successful Attempts
  • One Shot Killers
  • Lethal Weapons
  • The Chainbreakers
  • Silent Professionals
  • White Undead Tribe
  • Daring To Rescue
  • G.H.O.S.T.S.
  • Unfavorable
  • Calamity Collective
  • Warthog Sisterhood
  • Black Arrow.
  • Rebel Security

Mercenary Band Names

Some band names are available for your mercenary band.

  • Defion Internacional
  • Security Squad
  • Ruby Wolf Association
  • Brown Rose Posse
  • Vigilant Delivery
  • Loath To Leave
  • Black Sword Sisterhood
  • Ivory Devil Posse
  • Vulture Band
  • Wrathful Veil
  • Always on Defense
  • Death Escapers
  • Elite Commandos
  • Bronze Chainsaw Soldiers
  • Lost Chapter
  • Elite Empire
  • Skykillers
  • White Rider Company
  • The Resistance
  • Spider Company
  • Men Of Steel
  • Sisterhood of Veils
  • Argonaut Alliance
  • Sanguine Sword Tribe

Best Mercenary Group Names

These are some best collections of mercenary team names ideas.

  • Sanguine Alien Crew
  • Sanguine Rebel Association
  • No Restraint
  • Extortionate Power
  • Electric Fang Band
  • Boar Soldiers
  • Bronze Sharktooth Association
  • Knuckle Brotherhood
  • Black Knights
  • Azure Monkey Gang
  • Rise Against
  • Yellow Vulture Crew
  • Grey Jackal Soldiers
  • Crow Tribe
  • Men Of Fire
  • Power Seize
  • Successful Attempts
  • Ice Death Association
  • Azure Sharkfin Squad
  • The Expendables
  • Death Fighters
  • Rider Company
  • Violet Alien Crew
  • Mission Matrix

Funny Mercenary Group Names

These are some funny mercenary group names ideas.

  • Denim Saber Crew
  • Orange Skeleton Riders
  • Black Skeleton Company
  • Death Fighters
  • Ruby Forsaken Posse
  • Blacklisted
  • Ruby Bulldog Tribe
  • Jade Death Company
  • Crimson Angel Tribe
  • Jailbreakers
  • Grey Vulture Posse
  • Bronze Sharktooth Association
  • Phantom Strikers
  • Demon Dragon Syndicate
  • Motives for Justice
  • Brown Alien Riders
  • Gold Dragonfly Band
  • Banned Rebels
  • Band Of The Hawk
  • Cardinal Needle Gang
  • Red Bear Riders
  • Greed Guild
  • Pygmy Posse
  • Green Bat Gang

Mercenary Band Names Generator

Here you can find a lot of collections about the matter of mercenary band names.

  • Gold Horn Gang
  • Soaring Eagles
  • Daredevil Heroes
  • Frostbite
  • Rapacious Rebels
  • Rise Against
  • The Resistance
  • Freemen.
  • Sapphire Knuckle Gang
  • Diamond Ravenclaw Association
  • Black Mountain Group
  • The Resistance
  • Indomitable Quests
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • The Flying Tigers
  • The Swashbucklers
  • Ebony Elephant Posse
  • Always On Defense
  • Black Water
  • Taking a Stand
  • Desert Brothers
  • The Wing Of Fury
  • Ruinous Effects
  • Desperados

Mercenary Group Names Generator

These mercenary group names are generated by the group names generator tools. Must check it.

  • Daring To Rescue
  • Extreme Reputation
  • Skull Squad
  • Soldiers for Hire
  • Ruinous Effects
  • Demon Rose Clan
  • Azure Chainsaw Riders
  • Jade Needle Tribe
  • Red Flayers
  • Black Spear
  • Violet Undead Squad
  • Exceptional Outcomes
  • Skeleton Band
  • Order Of Blue scale
  • The Freelancers
  • Ivory Leopard Company
  • Demon Lion Syndicate
  • Violet Skeleton Squad
  • Mammoth Company
  • Thunder Eagle Posse
  • Cataclysmic
  • Crimson Rat Company
  • Criminal Collective
  • Demon Eagle Riders

Mercenary Group Names

How To Name Your Mercenary Group Or Company

Here we are going to discuss the matter of how to name a mercenary group. So if you don’t have any ideas on that, then check the below points.

We hope the below points will help you to name your mercenary group.

Name That Relates Your Mercenary Group

Please choose a name that can easily relate to your mercenary group and attracts people to your mercenary group.

You Can Take Inspiration From Books & Film Also

You can take inspiration from any type of book or movie which is related to the mercenary group.

Make Shortlist & Do Brainstorming

You can make a shortlist with a few good names and then brainstorm on it. We hope after brainstorming you can easily pick a good name for your mercenary group.

Convey A Message

Please choose a name that can convey a message which is showing your mercenary group member’s talent.

Make It Short & Simple

Always try to choose a short & simple type of name for your mercenary group.

Use Your Brain

Please use your brain when you are going to finalize a good name for your mercenary group or company.

Name By Following Up A Specific Character

If you have a special mercenary character, then you can use that special character’s name with the name of your mercenary group.

Avoid Hard Spelling Name & Pronunciation

Never choose a name that is difficult to spell and pronounce because not everyone can’t spell and pronounce a difficult name. So please try to choose an easy to spell and easy-to-pronounce name for your mercenary group.

It Should Be Catchy & Memorable

Always try to choose a catchy & memorable type of name for your mercenary group.  Because a catchy name easily catches by the people and a memorable name is easily remembered by the people.

Don’t Choose A Copyrighted Name

Never choose a name that has been copyrighted. Because a copied name never helps you to grow your mercenary group.

Ask Others

You can take help from your friends, family members, and group members also.

Ask Your Social Media Friends

You can create a poll with some good names on your social media accounts and take suggestions from your social media friends.

Include Your Group Members In The Naming Process

You need to know that your group members are a big part of your mercenary group, so, please include them in the naming process.

Create A Logo

You need to create a logo for your mercenary group. Because the logo is the second identity of your mercenary group.

Make A Tagline

You can make a tagline for your mercenary group. Because a tagline can represent your mercenary group in one line.

Get Feedback

Please get feedback on that name that was selected by you for your mercenary group before finalizing.


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