363+ Laboratory Names & Best Name Ideas For Laboratory

These are some collections about the topic of laboratory names, so if you are looking for that, then you should check out our below collections about the topics. So here we are going to share unique, cool, and catchy collections about the topic of laboratory names.

Do you love science and have an interest in entrepreneurship too? Then don’t wait any longer and get the license to open your laboratory. The laboratory is not the place to find cures for diseases only, there are laboratories for food testing and other purposes too.

A pathological laboratory contributes to the field of medical science, whereas a forensic laboratory focuses on solving crime cases by implementing a lot of tests. There are labs for testing products too; whenever a new product gets launched it is tested in a laboratory and is launched only after passing some tests. The laboratory offers scientists the to run their tests and allows them to create something new under controlled conditions.

Whether you are the owner or the researcher, make sure to take every precaution against contamination. Without laboratories, many important contributions would not have been made in the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics. However opening a laboratory is tough because it takes up a lot of space and hence is very costly to maintain.

Another thing you have to overcome to open a great laboratory is choosing an attractive laboratory name. To help you out we have collected some attractive and unique laboratory names for you. Take a look and choose what suits your laboratory the most.

Please follow the below steps, while you are going to choose a name for your laboratory.

  • Likeable Name.
  • Related Name.
  • Take Ideas From Others.
  • Convey A Message.
  • Think About It.
  • Compress The Name.

Laboratory Names

Let’s check out the below collections of laboratory names.

  • The Orthodontic Lab
  • Hughes Dental Lab
  • Dragon Labs
  • Williams Dental Laboratories
  • Laboratory for Success
  • Evergreen Laboratories
  • DiaMetrics Diagnostic
  • National Physical Laboratory
  • Nano Innovation Labs
  • Biobest Laboratories
  • Crystal Labs Diagnostic
  • Supernova Laboratory
  • Langford Vets, Diagnostic Laboratories
  • ALS Inspection UK Ltd
  • Black Hole Labs
  • Alpha Beta Testing Labs
  • Relion Diagnostics
  • MediFlex laboratory
  • Northampton Dental Laboratories
  • Glasgow Denture Studio
  • Trustus Labs
  • Bright Spark Labs
  • Aardvark Laboratories
  • First Choice Diagnostics
  • Absolute Testing Laboratories
  • Right Health
  • Trust Maintainers Lab
  • The Dove Marine Laboratory
  • 2nd Nature Dental Design
  • Elite Labs
  • Aerospace Now
  • Reliable Lab
  • Break Thru Labs
  • Pure Genius Labs
  • Eurofins Food Testing
  • The Ultimate Dental Laboratory

Best Laboratory Names

In the below section, we have provided some of the few collections of best laboratory names.

  • Science Salutations
  • LaboraTest Labs
  • Scientific Solutions
  • LifeQuest lab
  • Victas Diagnostic Center
  • The Ultimate Experiment
  • Glimmering Laboratories
  • The One Way Corridor
  • No Way Out
  • Oh God Why?
  • Science Express
  • Fly Labs
  • Global Chem Labs
  • Sunrise Laboratories
  • Black Panther Labs
  • Black Hole Research Facility
  • Nano Innovations
  • Clone Corporation
  • Science At Work
  • Deer Creek Laboratories
  • Aztec Labs
  • Sandia National Laboratories
  • Molecule Fragments Lab
  • Eurofins Microbiology Livermore
  • The Bio Gene Lab
  • The Timeline
  • Scientific Laboratory Supplies
  • Edinburgh Scientific Services
  • Griffith Foods
  • ProTrust Diagnostics
  • Eurofins Forensics Risley
  • Chromatic Laboratory
  • Ruby Laboratory
  • Health Check
  • More Than Science
  • Innovation Laboratories Limited

Cool Laboratory Names

Here we have listed some of a few collections of cool laboratory names.

  • Wreaths Laboratory
  • Spot Cool
  • Paragon Laboratory Services
  • Jam Laboratory
  • Groundbreaking Science
  • Mill Laboratory
  • islamabad Health care Lab
  • Unnatural Selection
  • Lightning Labs
  • Green Potions
  • The Nutritional Lab
  • Geo Environmental Laboratory
  • Cosmetology Laboratory
  • Biogenix Lab
  • Charmed Labs
  • AM Dental Ceramics
  • Aero Tech Labs
  • Clean Lab
  • The Fortune Teller Laboratory
  • European Dental Laboratory
  • Jiffy Labs
  • Eastern Dental lab
  • Dental Laboratories Association
  • Bright Ideas
  • Chingford Dental Laboratories
  • Albion Dental Laboratory
  • Design Dental Laboratory
  • Nexium Laboratory Services
  • Alpha School Laboratory
  • A C Dental Services
  • Arctic Fox Labs
  • A Plus Dental Laboratory
  • Tooth Fairy Dental Lab
  • Brainpower Lab
  • Mellor Ceramics Dental Lab
  • Dental Technology Services

Catchy Laboratory Names

Must check out the below collections of catchy laboratory names.

  • Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory
  • Arrow Diagnostic
  • Eureka Laboratory
  • Symptomatech Lab
  • Reliant Diagnostic Laboratory
  • ZRT Laboratory
  • Above The Average
  • Element Materials Technology
  • Sonic Healthcare
  • Randox Laboratories
  • Caledonian Laboratories
  • Eurofins Scientific
  • ALS Life Sciences
  • United Optical Laboratories
  • Great Plains Laboratory
  • Dental Laboratories Association
  • Smile Design Dental Laboratory
  • Zurich Engineering Laboratory
  • Torrent Laboratory & Pharmaceuticals
  • London Medical Laboratory
  • Premier Laboratory Systems
  • Mount Laboratories
  • ALS Food And Pharmaceutical
  • Intertek Food Services
  • Robert Taggart Dental Laboratory
  • Natural History Collections
  • Direct Laboratory Services
  • The Doctors Laboratory Patient Reception
  • Cam Dental Lab
  • Nestle Quality Assurance Centre
  • Logical Laboratories
  • Enzyme Research Laboratories
  • Lenco Diagnostic Laboratories
  • The Path Lab
  • Health Services Laboratories
  • High Octane Labs

Unique Laboratory Names

In the below section, we have provided some of a few collections of unique laboratory names.

  • One Choice Laboratory
  • Rotech Laboratories
  • Initial UA Screening Labs
  • We Heart Science
  • Laboratory Maniac
  • Facts With Us
  • Matrix Diagnostics
  • Know It All
  • Accurex Diagnostic Testing
  • Kansas EPA Lab
  • Qualified Lab Laboratory
  • ProQuery Lab
  • AssureAnalyse
  • ImpliCheck Laboratory
  • Alibi Diagnostic Solutions
  • Labplex Diagnostics
  • Elements Explained
  • Clinicare Diagnostic Centre
  • UA I Testing Labs
  • Proven Right
  • Science Wisdom
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • AccuLab Professionals
  • Sentient Diagnostics
  • The Chart Taught Right
  • GoldenIslandDiagnostic
  • Alpha Laboratory
  • Westmore Diagnostics
  • LaboraTest Labs
  • First Choice Diagnostics
  • Create Your Lab
  • Amerin lab
  • Excelsior Diagnostics
  • The R&D Unit of Doom
  • For the Love of Science
  • ClearTrust Labs

Good Laboratory Names

Let’s dive into the below collections of good laboratory names.

  • White Rabbit Labs
  • Miracle Cure Labs
  • Forward View Labs
  • Pinmoore Animal Laboratory Services
  • Faultless Diagnostic Labs
  • bluesky diagnostics
  • Diagnostics Drama
  • Dextra Laboratories
  • UK Colloidal Laboratories
  • Sterling laboratory
  • Science Grant
  • Premium Diagnostic Centre
  • Rhondium Dental Laboratory
  • Blue Chip Diagnostic
  • Crest Laboratory
  • Capmark Laboratory
  • Kansas EPA Lab
  • Designing Tomorrow
  • Science Shed
  • Core Diagnostics
  • Cornerstone Diagnostics
  • Provident Laboratories
  • Relion Diagnostics
  • Delta Option Testing
  • United Laboratories LLC
  • HealWood Diagnostic Centre
  • Lifeline Lab Services
  • Straight Shot
  • Delta Option Testing
  • Astronomy Agency
  • Ace The Test!
  • Certainty Laboratory Services
  • Dripology Labs
  • Lucenia Laboratory
  • Dolby Laboratories
  • Retlif Testing Laboratories

Awesome Laboratory Names

Following are the below collections of awesome laboratory names.

  • Butterfly Dental Laboratory
  • Instant Science
  • The Must-Have Labs!
  • Green Science
  • Aspire dental laboratory
  • Zenith Diagnostic Services
  • Learn Science Today
  • Calling All Nerds
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Bravado Laboratories
  • Marvel Labs
  • Initial UA Screening Labs
  • Provident Laboratories
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • GoldenTouchDiagnostic
  • AmeriLab Diagnostics
  • Pillow Laboratory
  • Exact Diagnostics
  • HealthBeat lab
  • Accurate lab services
  • Planet Science
  • Vibo laboratory
  • Smith Lab
  • Diagnostic Testing Solutions DTS
  • SGS North America Inc.
  • Retlif Testing Laboratories
  • National Energy Technology Laboratory
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Icon Laboratories Inc
  • Greentown Labs
  • DiaMetrics Diagnostic
  • The Ames Laboratory
  • Dolby Laboratories
  • Science’S Sake
  • RiverStone Diagnostic Lab
  • Jefferson Laboratory
  • Clear Stream Laboratory
  • Heritage Diagnostic
  • Modern Dental Laboratory USA
  • Eurofins Scientific Inc

Famous Laboratory Names

In the below section, we have provided some of a few collections of famous laboratory names.

  • Shimadzu Research Laboratory
  • Cherry Blossom Laboratories
  • Essence Dental Laboratory
  • Proheaded lab services
  • Solar Energy Research Lab
  • Clinical Lab Partners
  • Lifespan Diagnostics
  • Shield Diagnostic Testing
  • AccuTests Laboratory
  • RelianceLaboratory
  • Supreme Science
  • MediOne laboratory
  • Alternative Medicine Laboratory
  • Merlyn laboratory
  • Lifespan Diagnostics
  • Encore Diagnostics
  • Greentown Labs
  • The White Lab
  • Alibi Diagnostic Solutions
  • pro test labs
  • Versatile Cool
  • TrueTrust lab
  • Equitas lab
  • Science City
  • Stream Diagnostix
  • Superior Science
  • My Chem Lab
  • Sci-Land
  • Scientific Co.
  • Science Kings
  • AdvantEDGE Diagnostic
  • Laboratoryque
  • Lucenia Laboratory
  • Golden Dawn Laboratory
  • Exodoscience Dev
  • AccuTrust Diagnostics

Good Names For Laboratory

Looking for a good name for your laboratory, then check out the below collections.

  • ReliU Laboratory
  • Prolabs laboratory
  • Secure Results
  • Jefferson Laboratory
  • Modern Dental Laboratory USA
  • Gifted Innovations
  • Top Choice Laboratory
  • Horizon Diagnostic
  • Vend Laboratory
  • ImpliCheck Laboratory
  • Laboratory Delivered
  • MediShield Diagnostics
  • Deco Laboratory
  • Science Research
  • Labpro Services
  • UrinalySis Labs
  • Sci-Learn
  • MediFlex laboratory
  • Solving Science
  • IntelliShield Diagnostic Services
  • Pink Elephant Laboratory
  • Wall Laboratory
  • Arrownostics Diagnostic
  • OnPoint Diagnostic Services
  • BioKnow laboratory
  • The Science Branch
  • Alpha Omega
  • Today In Science
  • Tried & True
  • Cosmix laboratory
  • Arrownostics Diagnostic
  • Stream Laboratory
  • XtraCare Laboratory
  • C & J Dental Technologists
  • Flip Laboratory
  • Kart Laboratory

Clever Laboratory Names

We hope you will like the below collections of clever laboratory names.

  • Intertek Caleb Brett
  • Core Laboratories
  • Silver Stone Diagnostic
  • Bullseye Laboratory
  • Micro Search Laboratories
  • Rock Solid Labs
  • Laboratory Delivered
  • Robins science laboratory
  • PreferredDiagnostics
  • InterTrue laboratory
  • Baby Scientists
  • Bristol Laboratories Limited
  • White Rose Laboratory Services
  • Antibody Testing
  • Cansford Laboratories
  • Honey Man Laboratories
  • BioMidas Diagnostic Center
  • PreferredDiagnostics
  • Systems Biology Laboratory
  • 1st Choice Diagnostics
  • First Choice Diagnostics
  • Quantum Science Laboratories
  • AccuMark Diagnostics
  • Silver Stone Diagnostic
  • SureTrust Diagnostic Centre
  • Sterling laboratory
  • OnePro laboratory
  • Inova Diagnostics
  • Zenith Diagnostic Services
  • Victas Diagnostic Center
  • Midas Testing Services
  • NuHorizon Diagnostics
  • UA Diagnostics
  • VPS Tran soil Laboratory
  • Atlas Diagnostics
  • TrueResult Lab Services

Laboratory Names

How To Name Your Laboratory

We know naming your laboratory is quite a task. So to help you out, here are some tips that you can follow to select the right laboratory name.

So keep remembering the below points while you are going to choose a name for your laboratory. We hope the below points will help you to suitable name for your laboratory.

Keep It Short

Your chosen name should not be way too long because making an attractive long name is tough. People often lose interest if a name is way too long.

Sit Down With A Pen & Paper

You can sit down with a pen & paper, and write down some of a few good names, after that you have to analyze those names properly. We hope that, after that, you can easily choose a good name for your laboratory.

Avoid The Use Of Offensive Name

Never use an offensive word for your name of the laboratory, because an offensive name can offend any religion, any caste, or any person.

Do Research

Take help from Goresearchsearch on the names available for the laboratory. You will get an idea about what kind of name you have to make and also you will get inspiration.


Your chosen name should be able to hold the attention of people. A memorable name is a key to success and one more thing that is people can easily remember the name.


The chosen name must be timeless because you can not change the name of your laboratory often. This is a very vital point, so do not avoid this point.


Now choose the names you like the most and make sure your chosen name has all the qualities to be good. Also, make sure the names you will shortlist have no spelling mistakes.


Brainstorm the words that come to your mind when you think about your laboratory. Make a list of all the words. Think of words related to science and research.

Mix And Match Words

List down all the words that come to your mind and try mixing two or more words to form a name. Try choosing attractive and simple words in the name of your laboratory.

Take Opinion

Try to think about which type of person you want to attract and try taking opinions from people who might approach your laboratory in the future. Ask people which name stays on their mind the most and which they would prefer the most.

Make The Choice

Choose the name that is most liked. A name that is liked by all is surely going to attract a lot of people in the future. This is a very important point, do not miss it.


Your chosen name should be unique. No one should have the same name because the same name will create confusion. Because a copied name never helps you to grow your laboratory.

Make It Popular

After doing all the things, you should make it popular as soon as possible. Because without popularity, nobody doesn’t know about your laboratory.  So please do that.

Get Feedback

Never forget to get feedback from your well-wishers before finalizing a name for your laboratory. Because feedback is a very important thing in this era.

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Wrapping Up

We hope, you have liked our upper collections on the topic of laboratory names and have a suitable name for your laboratory.

Both works are tough because a list full of names can make you confused and creating an attractive name for your laboratory can be a lot of time-consuming.

Calm your mind and then follow the steps and without much difficulty, you will surely find a great name. So set your foot in the world of science by opening your laboratory. All the best for your future endeavors!