319+ Bridal Party Names & Bridal Party Group Chat Names

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Marriages are one of the biggest events in anyone’s life and a bridal party is a major part of the marriage ceremony. So, if your bridal party is knocking at the doors or any of your friends or family is having her bridal party soon, you must be very excited.

But along with the enjoyment, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Everything should be organized perfectly to make it a successful event. You along with your guests must enjoy it to the fullest.

The first thing that you have to do before you invite your guests is to decide on a great bridal party name. We know, along with so much work, it is hard to calm down your mind and think of that perfect name that will suit your party.

Do not worry. This article is your ultimate solution. Here, you will find a huge variety of bridal party names – cool, simple, funny, cute, some are also related to food, friends, bridesmaids, cocktails, etc. Also, we have mentioned some tips on how you can choose the bridal party name. So, without any further delay, let’s begin with the names of the bridal party.

Please follow the below steps, while you are going to choose a name for your bridal party.

  • Meaningful Name.
  • Memorable Name.
  • Use Attractive Words.
  • Name That Convey A Massage.
  • Do Not Use Bad & Offensive Words.
  • Make Sure You Are Personally Happy With The Name.

Bridal Party Names

Must check out the below collections of bridal party names.

  • Only Gouda Wedding Vibes
  • Feyonce
  • Family Ties
  • After All Is Wed And Done
  • Special Day Event
  • Bride To Brie Clique
  • Wedding Secrets Inside
  • Rose Times
  • Time to wine down
  • Bride Tribe
  • Honour Guard
  • Bottoms up, gowns down
  • Comfy Bride Day
  • Kiss away the miss
  • Renaissance girls night
  • Bride security
  • We Bey All Night
  • Babes Since Birth
  • Bridal Brigade
  • City Girlz
  • We’re in the Wedding
  • Wedding Planning In Progress
  • All The Wedding Vibes
  • They See Us Rollin’
  • Our Plus One
  • Bride/Bride Tribe
  • Mario Bride Party
  • Save water, drink wine
  • The Crewmates
  • Next Stop Party
  • The Bride
  • Man of Honour

Best Bridal Party Names

Here we have gathered some of a few collections of bridal party names.

  • My Bridal Beaches
  • Bring On The Night
  • Pizza Their Heart
  • Party Starters
  • Bridal Bunch
  • Bridin’ Dirty
  • Bubble Buddies
  • Witchy Woo Bridal Party
  • Bridal Getaway
  • Just our types
  • Dress up, Cinderella!
  • Powerpuffs
  • Bride Gang
  • The Bridal Bunch
  • Dance Bride Day
  • The Queen’s Women
  • Cake’s Already in Tiers
  • Single Pringles
  • Brides Besties
  • Cheers to Bride eve!
  • “I Do” Mates
  • Bride/Squad
  • Single Ladies
  • Bride To Be Party
  • We’ll Be There For You
  • He Fell for It!
  • Drinks n’ Jokes
  • Mostly Bride
  • Baddies with Bride
  • Bachelorettes
  • You Can’t Sip With Us
  • Bridal Par-Tea

Catchy Bridal Party Names

In this paragraph, you can easily find out some collections of catchy bridal party names.

  • Bride’s Peeps
  • Party Popper
  • Vibin’ and thrivin’
  • Brunch and mix
  • The Bride Inn
  • Flower Power
  • Beta-full night!
  • Here’s To The Nights We Don’t Remember And To Friends We Won’t Forget
  • We Don’t Get Drunk, We Get Awesome
  • Whole Latte Love Here
  • All Nighters
  • The Real Bridesmaids
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Bride or Dies
  • The Chosen Ones
  • Assistants To The Bride
  • The Commitment Crew
  • Eat And Marry
  • Marital Squires
  • Best Sister
  • Last Night Before Mr. Right
  • Eat, Drink, Get married
  • Bridal Birdie Party
  • Engaged AF
  • Natalio Party
  • It Just Got Real
  • Sip Tea Party
  • Ladies On The Go
  • The Wedding VIPs
  • Sandals n’ Salsa
  • Mermaid friends!
  • Bride’s Peeps

Wedding Party Tittles

Looking for some titles for the wedding party? Then check out the below collections.

  • Marriage Party
  • Two Less Fish In The Sea
  • Parade Bridesmaids
  • Bachelorette Support Crew
  • Bridal Entourage
  • Girls, Gals, pals
  • Let’s Party
  • Cheers My Dears
  • Kiss The Miss Goodbye
  • Cake Cake Cake
  • Newlywed
  • Dancing Queens
  • Veil Bound Buds
  • Yolo Brides
  • Let’s Guac This Wedding
  • Bridal Clique
  • Bromaid
  • Main squeezes!
  • Chat’s Got A Ring
  • Beyonce’s Lemonade
  • Bling And Bubbly
  • Drink Till You Drop
  • Private Dancers
  • Girlfriends
  • Bouquet Baes
  • Loco & Hugs
  • We Showers
  • Baby Got Bach
  • Time to drink champagne and dance on the table
  • Fantastic Four
  • Bride’s Wolf Pack
  • Wine-derful Wedding Crew

Bridal Party Group Chat Names

The below collections are related to the bridal party group chat names.

  • Wedding Belles
  • Crazy nights
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Bridal’s Hub
  • Bride’s Wolf Pack
  • A Whole Lotta Love
  • We’re Celebratin’
  • Bachelorette Party Spoilers
  • Best Brother
  • He’s Promoting Me to Wife!
  • Babes on Broadway
  • Wedding Planners
  • Yes!/That’s What She Said
  • Mermaid To Be Friends
  • Willow Day
  • The Flockin’ Bridal Crew
  • Bridal Dream Team
  • Cosplay Bride Party
  • Slay All Day
  • I’m a Cool Bride / She’s Not a Regular Bride
  • Bridal AF
  • Drink Lover Party
  • Party Fun
  • Hotline Bling
  • Bad girls!
  • Lucky Charms
  • My Support Bras
  • Special Day Party
  • Bride’s Posse
  • Pretty Little Things
  • She Said Yes, We Said [Location]
  • Wedding Squat

Alternate Names For Bridal Party

Here we have listed some of a few collections of alternate names for the bridal party.

  • Getting Maui’d
  • Bride’s Minions
  • Love is Blonde
  • Havana Nights
  • Level Trump Bride
  • It’s Bride Time
  • Wedding Entourage
  • Sip Lip Bride
  • Booze. Bang. Toodles
  • Hurrah Bride
  • Final Flamingos
  • Here for The Bride
  • Bride’s Minions
  • Maids of Mayhem
  • Wedding Crashers
  • The Wedding Vault
  • Fiancée’s Fantastic Four
  • Happy Dancers
  • Wedding Posse
  • We’re poppin bottles
  • On Her Side
  • The Bride/Bride’s Crew
  • Bride Pride
  • One for the girls!
  • Tea party goers
  • FTW: Future, Trophy, Wife
  • Put A Ring On It
  • Crazy In Love
  • We’ll Brie Your Bridesmaids
  • If lost: please return me to my squad
  • We’re Gonna Ugly Cry Together
  • Cuddles And Party

Names For Weddings

Please check out the below collections of wedding names.

  • I Do/I Do Crew
  • Harbingers of wedding cheer
  • Aloha Beaches
  • Wedding Dream Team
  • Warning: Bach Party Spoilers
  • Hollywood hotties
  • Cheers to the Bride
  • We Slay
  • We’re Celebratin’
  • Cocktail Bride Ship
  • LightRoom
  • Non Stop Brides
  • Party Planners
  • House Party 101
  • Good Bride’s Party
  • Next Bride Place
  • We Have Matching Dresses
  • Party on-the-go
  • Ballroom Party
  • Boss Bride / Boss Babe
  • Three Musketeers
  • Bass Bumpers
  • Bach Crazy
  • Four Leaf clover
  • Purple Haze
  • Brother of Honour
  • She Said Yaaas
  • Bach Bashers
  • Pizza For The Bride
  • Girl’s Night Out! You Better Watch Out!
  • Bride Squad Goals
  • Sip, Sip, Hooray!

Bridal Party Name Ideas

Please check out the below collections of bridal party name ideas.

  • Margarita madness
  • Pew Crew
  • Fiery Cocktail Party
  • Bridal Factory
  • Rockin’ and brunchin’
  • Twerkulators
  • Woman of Honour
  • Bride & Co.
  • Next Level Woman
  • Marry Brider
  • Cue The Confetti
  • Our Dresses Match
  • Out to Play Before We Give Her Away
  • Let’s Spouse Things Up
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Clash of the Titans
  • My Main Squeezes
  • Party For The Bride
  • Getting Hitched
  • Champagne Dream Party
  • Alcohol Food And Girls
  • Flawless
  • Eastside Mingle
  • Wedding Crew
  • Bridal Friends Forever
  • Rider Brider
  • Chat’s Got A Ring To It
  • Sip. Hooray!
  • Best Bach Behaviour
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • Savana
  • She Got Scooped Up!

Bridal Names

Here we have gathered some of a few collections of bridal party names.

  • Friends Of Honour
  • Wedding Secrets
  • Love So Matcha
  • Partners In Crime
  • The Bride And Her Baes
  • 1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, Floor
  • Bridal’s To Party
  • [Name’s] Last Fling Before the Ring
  • Sisterhood
  • Bridesminions
  • Wedding Sisterhood
  • Team Bride
  • Bridal Support Group
  • Skincare Day Party
  • Matrimony Homies
  • Makeup Flowers And More
  • Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
  • Any Hitch Way
  • Bridal Posse
  • S’mores and more!
  • Bride’s Posse
  • Don’t Give Him a Thing, If You Aren’t Got That Ring
  • Too Live Crew
  • Drink Sipper Bridal
  • Fun And Bride To Be
  • Yass Queens
  • About to Raise Hell Before the Bells
  • We Said Yes
  • Club Dazzle
  • Bridal Activist
  • Crazy Bride Day
  • Bride Bots

Cool Bridal Party Names

Must check out the below collections of cool party names.

  • Wedding Party Tittles
  • Doing Wed Comes Naturally
  • Sip happens
  • The Golden Girls
  • Sassy and Classy
  • Pampered Babes
  • Birds Of A Feather
  • Slay Deck Brides
  • High Five
  • Thee stallions
  • Groupie
  • Getting Meowied
  • Friends For Wife
  • I Do Crew
  • We Want Cake
  • Here Comes The Bride
  • Quad Squad
  • Mocktailz Forever
  • Partners in Wine
  • Bride and Boujee
  • Pillars of Strength
  • Bae Watch
  • Marriage & Crash
  • Ring It On
  • Fun By The Marriage
  • Kidnappers
  • Bride Drinkers
  • Bridesfolk
  • Aisle Walkers
  • Bride’s Ride Or Dies
  • Full House
  • Dream Team

Bridal Party Names

Tips To Name Your Bridal Party

If you are confused about how to choose the perfect name for your special bridal party, here are a few tips that will surely ease your work.

So keep remembering the below points, while you are going to choose a name for your bridal party. Let’s check it out.

Use Simple Words

Try to use words that are easy to understand and pronounce. Avoid using long and complicated terms and keep them as short and simple as possible.

Research And Brainstorm

Take help from the internet and research as much as you can. This will help you to get thousands of names to choose from and then you can shortlist your favourite ones.

Use Cool And Catchy Words

Use words in the party name that can grab the attention of the guests as soon as they hear them. It will make the party cooler.


If you are planning a theme-based bridal party, use words in the name that are related to the theme of it. For instance, if your theme is any particular movie, use words related to the movie character.

Do Not Rush

Take as much time as you need and plan. This will make your work more organized. This is a very vital point, so never miss it.

Do Not Copy Others

Never copy a name for your bridal party, because the guest does not like a copied name for a bridal party. So please don’t do that.

Take Suggestions From Friends And Family

Since you are not the only person planning the bridal party, try to involve your friends and family while you choose the party name. You will get more feedback through this.

Avoid Lengthy Names

Always try to avoid lengthy names, because people never like a lengthy name for bridal parties. If you choose a name for your bridal party that is lengthy, then it would never help you to grow your bridal party.

Use Memorable Words

Try using words that are trendy so that people can easily remember them. This will make your party name have a long-lasting effect on the guests.

Related To The Bride-To-Be

Use words that resemble the bride or her character. This will make the party name more relatable and close to the bride. So, try to match it with the bride’s vibe.

Take Reference From Books Or Movies

If you love any particular book or movie, you can use that as your bridal party name or you can choose any of your favorite characters and use it in the name.

Make It Famous

Use the bridal party name that you have chosen in your invitation cards, post the name on your social media platforms, and make it popular. This will make the party more engaging.

Attach A Tagline

Please create and attach a tagline for your bridal party, because it can help you to represent your bridal team in one line and also grab the attention of everyone.

Get Feedback

Before finalizing a name for your bridal party, you should take some feedback on the name which was selected by you for your bridal party, then you need to finalize a name for your bridal party.

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Final Words

Hope the article was helpful and at the end of this, you have already chosen the name for your bridal party from our upper collections of bridal party names. Keep those tips in mind to save some more time. Also, you can mix and match various names to create a unique one.

We hope you enjoy your special day to the fullest and we feel grateful if we can help you choose the name for the day. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Have a nice day. Please visit again.