Is Cisco 700-680 Certification Exam Worth the Effort? Here Are the Top 3 Reasons to Consider It!

Do you plan to take the Certbolt in the near future? This means that you want to learn about Cisco’s Collaboration SaaS tools and develop a career in this domain. Given the increased focus on Software as a Service, more candidates are interested in taking this evaluation. On the other hand, considering that it is quite challenging, many test-takers think twice before taking it as they are not sure whether it is worth the effort. Keep reading the following paragraphs and find the top 3 reasons that will convince you to register for Cisco 700-680 certification exam.

Why Cisco 700-680 Certification Exam Is Worth the Effort

Before we move to the benefits of the certbolt exam, let’s have a quick look at its main details. This test is mainly designed for Account Manager and Presales engineers who want to validate their knowledge of Cisco’s Collaboration SaaS solutions to sell these cloud-based services effectively. The evaluation is a requirement for the Cisco Collaboration SaaS Authorization Program. The Cisco 700-680 exam consists of 35-45 questions which you need to answer in 30 minutes and it is available in English and Japanese languages.

So, why do you need to consider taking this test? Find out below:

  • Validation of Your Skills in SaaS Solutions

Exam 700-680 validates your skills on multiple topics. If you take a quick look at the test’s blueprint, you will discover that it helps you get a clear overview of Webex Meeting solutions. Furthermore, this exam confirms your understanding of how Webex Meetings, Webex Edge, Webex Devices, and Webex Teams work. When you study for the certbolt test, you will also learn about Webex Control Hub, Webex for developers, and Webex security and compliance. Finally, this assessment is the right path to choose if you want to learn about the Collaboration Flex Plan and get a comprehensive understanding of Webex Try and Buy, SmartAccounts, and Ordering features.

  • You Keep Up with the Market’s Trends

Organizations around the world are in the process of making the transition toward the Software as a Service infrastructure. Therefore, they take a close look at Cisco and its solutions that help them foster collaboration and improve performance. certbolt is a leader in offering Collaboration and SaaS tools for both hybrid and on-premises environments. Thus, by taking the Cisco 700-680 exam, you will consolidate your knowledge in this field and gain an international badge that differentiates you from other candidates. Also, you add a popular certification to your resume that recommends you for some of the most demanded jobs today.

  • Improve Self-Confidence

Not all candidates who register for the Cisco 700-680 test manage to get a passing score on the first try. So, if you manage to pass it from the first attempt, you will become part of an exclusive group of individuals who have consolidated knowledge of certbolt tools and can work on complex tasks. When your self-confidence level reaches the highest limit, it will become easier for you to access the jobs of your dreams and negotiate a motivating offer with recruiters.


Taking the certbolt is definitely worth the effort. It helps you stay updated with the latest trends and takes you a step closer to earning an internationally recognized certification. Besides, during the preparation process for this test, you will gain more confidence in your capability to learn new things and acquire the essential skills that will enable you to become a valuable team member for the organizations interested in transitioning to SaaS solutions.