309+ Escape Room Names To Make Popular

Escape rooms are a stimulating and enjoyable option to test your wits and spend quality time with your peers. They require participants to crack codes, detect clues, and collaborate to break free from the enclosed space before the time limit expires. The complexity of the escape room ultimately relies on the skill level you opt for. Themed activities, like a haunted house or a m**der mystery, can also be an entertaining option. We hope you will like the below collections of escape room names.

Escape rooms are ideal for enhancing team building and refining problem-solving skills. They serve as an enjoyable and entertaining activity for parties or leisurely fun. Regardless of your proficiency level, escape rooms ensure a pleasurable experience while allowing you to engage in challenging and immersive gameplay.

Creating the perfect name for an escape room can be difficult as it requires creativity and memorability to capture potential players’ attention. To help you, we have compiled various escape room names from which you can find the best-suited name for your escape room!

Must choose a perfect name from our below collections of amazing, awesome, perfect, good, cool, catchy, and best, escape room names.

Let’s dive into this.

But before diving into the below collections, you have to look into the below steps, while you are going to choose a name for your escape room.

  • Choose A Uncommon Name.
  • Use Powerful Words. 
  • Short-Lisiting & Brainstorming. 
  • Never Copy Others.
  • Take Suggestions From Others. 
  • Make Sure You Are Happy With The Name.

Escape Room Names

These are some collections about the topic of escape room names.

  • Abracadabra Escape Rooms
  • Escape from Bermuda
  • Zombie Outbreak Room
  • Hitting the Road
  • Time to Escape
  • The Breakout Cellar
  • Parkside Adventure
  • Wicked Asylum
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Naked Treasures
  • Escape Outlet
  • Constantly Escaping
  • Secret Society
  • Sherlock’s Palace
  • The Room Without a Key
  • Ace Escape Game
  • The Forbidden Fortress
  • Escape the Castle
  • Exile The Vault
  • Lost Tomb
  • The Nightmare Game
  • A Dying Charm
  • Dream Landscape
  • The Climbing Room
  • Puzzle Solving Nest
  • Seven Doors
  • The Riddle Shack
  • Treasure Royale
  • Get Out
  • Sons of Hogwarts
  • Breaking Out

Catchy Escape Room Names

If you want to choose a catchy name for your escape room, then check out the below collections.

  • Sealed In
  • Door-to-Door Escapes
  • The Riddlers
  • Boulder City
  • The Hive Escape Room
  • Inscape Adventures
  • Lost Room Escape
  • Ymca Escape
  • My Castle Escape
  • The Exit Strategy
  • The Hidden Fortress
  • The Old York Room
  • Escape Code
  • Terror in the Woods
  • The Clue Team
  • Amazing Adventures
  • Unblock Me
  • Unforgettable Escape
  • The Escapade
  • Escape Room HQ
  • Devil’s Lair
  • Revelation LV
  • X-Treme Escapes
  • The Vault Encore
  • Seventh Street Escapes
  • Deathtrap Rooms
  • Abandon All Hope
  • Intense Escape
  • The Big Burp
  • ROBLOX: The GameO
  • Stolen Empire Room

Funny Escape Room Names

Here we are going to provide some collections about the topic of funny escape room names.

  • Clue Fever
  • Escape Day
  • Wonderful Experiences
  • Secret Room
  • Warehouse of Horrors
  • Jk Breakaway
  • The Pirate Ship Experience
  • Escape Love
  • Mirror Maze
  • Escape from Reality
  • Enigma Egress
  • Box of Death
  • The Great Escape Cellar,
  • Nemesis Room
  • The Phantom Menace
  • Hungering Deep
  • Hide and Seek Escape Room
  • The Black Box
  • Survive This
  • Behind Bars
  • Breakout Valley
  • Snatched Away
  • Key Master
  • Pirate Ship Adventure
  • Secret Agent Room
  • The House of Escapes
  • Freeing Gooseberry House
  • Magnetic Mystery Room
  • Emergency Escape
  • Exit Stage Left
  • Mastermind Boardroom

Best Escape Room Names

In this paragraph, you can easily find out some collections about the topic of best escape room names.

  • Clay & Cajun
  • Think Outside the Box!
  • Nightmare Jump
  • Anchor Sleep
  • Escape Labs
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Puzzle Masters Escape Room
  • Tk Secret Rooms
  • Find Me Now
  • Mystery Midnight
  • The Escape Artist
  • Escape Walk of Fame
  • Game Master
  • The Secret Lab
  • Crazy Scientist Lab
  • Dramatic Attempts
  • The Space Mission
  • The Not-so-Safe Haven
  • Room Kings
  • Slots of Luxury
  • Clutter’s Scrap
  • Ready to Bolt
  • Break the Code
  • The Buried Well
  • A Ghostly Escape
  • The Riddle Box
  • Beyond the Wall
  • Final Exit
  • Break the Code
  • Art of Escape
  • The Secret Hints

Clever Escape Room Names

Please check out the below collections of clever escape room names.

  • The Amazing Escape
  • Fatal Error
  • Escape Zone
  • Classroom Escapes
  • The Haunted House
  • The Room of One
  • The Cage
  • From The Stage
  • The Incredible Breakout
  • Murder Dungeon
  • The Social Network
  • Heist Adventures
  • Serenity Baths
  • Panic Room Mystery
  • Silver Key Escape Experience
  • The Puzzle Room
  • Solve the Riddles
  • The Sherlock Machine
  • In Treasures
  • The Final Mystery
  • The Vault of Dreams
  • Happiness Over Rope
  • The Hidden Clues
  • Anubis: The Escapist
  • Unwind Escape
  • Secret Mystery Chamber
  • Room Paradise
  • Locked in The Tower
  • Unlock the Room
  • True Vault
  • Escape Masters Inc.

Good Escape Room Names

We hope you will like the below collections of good escape room names.

  • Escape This Place
  • Exit Game
  • Dangerous Mode North
  • Riddle Me Again
  • Unlock This
  • Escape Quest Lab
  • Mystery Room
  • Amazing Escapes
  • Escape Room Encore
  • The Gate to the Unknown
  • Treasure Escape Room
  • Burrito Hunter
  • The Decrypters
  • Hangman’s Alley
  • The Puzzle Box
  • The Blood Room
  • Hidden Clues
  • Escape To The Beach
  • Sherlock Exit Games
  • Escape Hunt
  • The Interrogation Room
  • Where Is Aladdin’s Genie
  • The Hexenkammer
  • The Vanishing
  • The Monastery
  • Riddles for Cash!
  • Catalyst 2EE
  • Ding Room of Horror
  • Escape Room Epilog
  • Slay Me Dead
  • Rv Escapes

Scary Escape Room Names

Let’s check out the below collections of scary room names.

  • Mission X
  • Lost N Found
  • The Vault Aesthetics
  • Escape Club
  • Bull City Escape
  • Locked in Savannah
  • Dark Chambers
  • The Escape
  • OddMinded Escapes
  • Puzzles & Clues
  • It’s Time to Get Out of Here!
  • Void Breakout
  • Missing Links Escape Plan
  • World of Escapes
  • ClueFinders
  • The Puzzle Lounge
  • Classroom Escapes
  • Leo’s Revenge
  • Break a Leg Interiors
  • Escape The Night (If You Can)
  • 3D Escapes
  • Trap For Dummies
  • The Room Art
  • Riddle a Secret
  • The House of Hints
  • Explorer Room
  • Escape Clubhouse
  • Eco Crooked
  • Key Quest
  • A Life Escaped
  • Code Breakers

Awesome Escape Room Names

Here you can easily find out some collections about the topic of escape room names.

  • A-1 Stone City
  • Finding Freedom
  • The Clock is Ticking
  • Stay Alive
  • The Interrogation Room
  • Room Escapers
  • Riddle House
  • Escape or Die
  • Dumpster Diver
  • Room Escape Solvers
  • Poisoned Rooms
  • Crystal Escape Room
  • Escape Tales
  • The Mystery Portal
  • Exit Efforts
  • Pace Opera Group
  • Dead Linger
  • Breakout Impossible
  • Beat the Clock
  • Skydive Rooms
  • Murder Trap
  • The Prison Breakout
  • The Opera Twist
  • The Void Rooms
  • Homeworld Nightlife
  • The Final Countdown
  • Puzzling Co.
  • Locked and Ready
  • Jungle Drop
  • The Locked Gates
  • All You Need Is Maths

Creative Escape Room Names

Looking for a creative name for an escape room, then check out the below collections.

  • Abracadabra Escape Games
  • Serial Killings
  • Le Grand Voyageur
  • Riddles for Cash!
  • The Runequest Crypt
  • Adventurous Escapes
  • The Secret Society
  • The Hidden Lab
  • Vault Escape
  • Secret Chambers
  • Farm Escape
  • Nightmares Alive
  • The Gene Cafe
  • Mystery Night Escape
  • Breakout Games
  • Show Time Escapes
  • Fantasy Terror
  • Escape Room Junkies
  • Infinity Escape
  • The Vault
  • Nuclear Bunker
  • Freefall Lodge
  • Blown Away Escapes Inc.
  • The Enigma Room
  • Iron Man Reality
  • Artistic Escapes
  • DLC Escapes
  • The Secret Door
  • The Old Graveyard
  • Room Adventures
  • Time Travel Games

Escape Room Names Generator

The below names are generated by the name generator tool.

  • Gamers Palace
  • Be Trapped
  • The Challengers
  • Escape Manor
  • Kintori Escape
  • Red Room
  • Heist’s Clues Headquarters
  • Code Breakers
  • Lock and Key
  • The Cursed Room
  • Ace Amusement
  • The Disappearing Act
  • Funky Monkey Puzzle Rooms
  • Puzzle Escape City
  • Glamorous Escapes
  • The Great Escape
  • Duck & Firkin
  • Room of Riddles
  • Dr. Lockwood
  • Scorpion Escape Room
  • Crumblin’ Clock
  • Ace Escape Room
  • The Hidden Temple
  • Murder Trap Palace
  • Escape Room Tycoon
  • Gravity Escape Rooms
  • Enigma Escape Room
  • The Way Out Hub
  • Hidden Valley Escape
  • Nightmare Pcs
  • Dash for Freedom

Escape Room Names

Tips For Naming An Escape Room

Naming your escape room is crucial for creating a memorable and immersive experience for your players. A great name sets the tone for your game and helps players remember your escape room and recommend it to others. So, here are some tips for finding the right-suited name for your escape room.

Keep The Name Short And Attractive

Short names are easier to remember and better suited for marketing materials. Avoid difficult pronunciations using room names that are easy to pronounce and spell. You do not want potential players having trouble finding your room name online. Select a name that is easy to pronounce and remember. It makes it easier for players to get others to pay attention to their game.

Use Descriptive And Dynamic Terms

Use terms that describe the escape room environment or concept. For example, use words like creepy and mysterious in the room names to describe haunted houses. Use dynamic language that conveys excitement and urgency. Words like: escape, survive, and breakout might help clarify the game’s big stakes.

Avoid Puns

Jokes and puns that not everyone understands confuse visitors. You may find clever puns humorous, but your audience may not.

Consider Using Alliteration

Rhyming or using alliteration improves name recall. Consider “The Mystery of the Silver Sphinx” or “Escape from the Enchanted Forest” for examples.

The Target Audience Is Key

Think about who your targeted audience is and what they may be interested in. If you are looking for a family with young children, a name like “Pirate Treasure Hunt” would be more acceptable than “Escape from Alcatraz.”

Use Subtitles

Use subtitles to provide more background or game information. For example, consider Curse of the Mummy’s Grave: A Race Against Time.

Be Mindful Of Locations

Consider using location-specific nicknames to help players remember your game location. For example, “Chicago Ro**ery” or “Escape from New York.”

Be Unique

Choose a unique name, not one borrowed from another escape room in your neighborhood. Players should not equate their game with other games unless they want to.

Add Touches of Surprise

Consider using names that indicate in-game twists or surprises. With fewer clever word choices, you can create a name that will pique people’s interest and make them want to try out your escape game. You can use keywords like “mystery” and “rebellion” to create compelling titles that draw people in and encourage them to book their escape experience. For example, “Dr. Betrayal” or “Secret Society.”

Embrace Current Trends

Consider choosing a name that relates to current events or popular culture. Examples include Escape from the Apocalypse and The Great Gatsby Heist.

Take Inspirations From Others

You can take inspiration from any types of books, movies, magazines, and newsletter also. We hope, after taking the inspiration you will get some ideas on choosing a name for your escape room.

Get Feedback

Before going to choose a name escape room, you should take feedback on the name which was selected by you for your escape room.

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Final Words

You want to start an escape room business but are having trouble finding a name. If so, do not worry. We hope you have liked the upper collections of escape room names.

By following the tips outlined here, you can create a memorable and appealing name for your escape room that will help attract players and keep them coming back. Naming your escape room can be daunting, but with imagination and creativity, you can create a unique name that your guests will want more of. Happy naming and happy gaming!